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Innovation Today, Revolution Tomorrow.

Fujii Technical Services is an agile consulting company in the business of problem resolution. Solution development is more than a software package or business process. It is the finely-honed talent of providing actionable objectives and assembling the collection of resources needed to comprehensively complete them. We specialize in the development of innovative, streamlined solutions aimed at resolving unique or unusual problems. Through careful consideration of customer needs, and laser-like focus on identifying the ways in which cross-industry innovation can be leveraged to fulfill them, FTS seeks to provide fast, flexible, and long-lasting resolutions to important issues.

We understand that simply solving the problems of today is not enough to ensure success in the technological environment of tomorrow, and that often it is necessary to work within the framework very specific or unique requirements provided by our clientele. Our success is drawn from the comprehensive insight provided by our consultants which allows us synthesize organizational logic with environmental factors using proven heuristic strategies. Insight enables synergy in informatics and resource capitalization, both of which in turn enable harmonious resolutions to be reached with an economy of effort.

FTS will work at your side to ensure that you never have to face your problems alone, which is why our customers trust us to develop a solution that is both individualized and intuitively flexible.

Our Mission Statement

"Fujii Technical Services pledges to provide economical solutions that are capable of intelligently leveraging the complete functionality of both technological and human resources available to our clients in a meaningful and effective way."

Core Competencies

What sets Fujii Technical Services apart from competitors is our set of core competencies which focus on the integration and extension of existing systems rather than adding additional layers of complexity. Rather than focusing on selling our clients a single packaged product or service, FTS uses core competencies to reduce costs and streamline integration with existing workflow processes to create a comprehensive solution. Our philosophy has three focuses:

For Interested Parties

Please contact us using the information below to request a quote or additional information.

Please provide a written summary of the issue(s) you are facing, along with a description of any and all relevant factors below, along with either your name or that of the organization you represent, and an e-mail address at which you can be reached. Allow 2-3 days for receipt and review of your information to confirm the details provided. Inquiries may also be made through one of our regional associates, who will be able to provide you with contact information for one of our consultants. All inquiries, regardless of size or scope, will be reviewed by our office upon receipt. In the event that a recommendation is provided at no financial cost, it is to be understood that the recommendation has been made in good faith, without warranty or professional standing.

In order to ensure complete client satisfaction, Fujii Technical Services actively limits the number and nature of customers being serviced simultaneously and may decline requests by prospective clients. Additionally, our commitment to quality, service, and discretion may require us to temporarily or permanently decline or terminate inquiries made by external organizations. All recommendations and claims are based upon the latest information made available to Fujii Technical Services. Recommendations previously made by Fujii Technical Services may be subject to change as new information becomes available. Fujii Technical Services reserves the right to refuse service in exchange for a full refund of monetary payments received, at any time for any reason.

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